Dried Flower Care Tips

Caring for your dried and preserved bouquets and floral rings:

  • Dried flowers are fragile please handle with care
  • Do not water
  • Do not position beside naked or open flame
  • Keep out of humid conditions 
  • Keep indoors and away from direct sunlight
  • Lightly dust
  • Keep out of harms way! Little hands ;) 
  • Dried and preserved flowers contain dyes, do not place on or near soft furnishings.  Wash hands after arranging. 
  • Our floral rings are best kept indoors however if your front door is sheltered you may decide to hang the floral ring outside but please be aware that weather conditions can alter and sometimes damage the quality, appearance and texture of it.

Baker's Box

As a general guide we advise that all of our dried and preserved flowers are sealed, taped or cake picks are used when adding these to your cakes. They contain floral paints, dyes and preservatives so we advise you take care in preventing them from making direct contact with your cake/food.